A to Z organisation of your wedding

  • Definition with the couple of their personal theme or colour code
  • Definition of the overall budget
  • Search for and pre-selection of various locations for the reception
  • Design and production of the cards in accordance with the established theme
  • Search and pre-selection of various service providers and entertainment options for the evening
  • Negotiation and verification of various estimates
  • Establishment of the backward schedule and handling of deadlines
  • Budget management
  • Guidance, tips and advice for the future bride and groom
  • On the big day : presence & coordination of service providers while handling unexpected incidents.



We will accompany you as a dedicated partner in conducting your finest project, single-mindedly aiming to do everything it takes to ensure that the magic weaves its spell while you fully remain in control at any stage! Relax and Enjoy, we manage the backstage !